Eyelid drooping, also called ptosis, might develop as a result of aging or a variety of medical disorders. This condition may damage one or even both eyes. This may impair the eyesight by obstructing the pupil, based on the extent of the problem.

Droopy eyelids are a normal part of the aging process for the majority of us. The tendon that connects the eyelid muscles is responsible for lifting your eyelid. As we become older, our muscles wear out, causing our eyelids to droop.

Droopy Eyelids and Aging

The most common reason for ptosis is aging. The eyelid muscles progressively lose tone and strength as individuals age, because of wear and tear, and finally unable to lift the top eyelids. The tendon/aponeurosis that connects the levator muscle (the principal muscle that lifts your eyelid) might stretch and make the eyelid collapse as we become older. It’s the most prevalent cause of drooping eyelids. Chronic rubbing of the eye and the wearing of (RGP) rigid gas-permeable contact lenses might also stretch your tendon eventually and lead to ptosis.

Can Agnes RF Procedure Help with Drooping Eyelids?

A lot of us suffer from droopy eyelids, particularly as we get old and our skin loses elasticity. It may even impair our eyesight in extreme circumstances. Previously, an eyelid lift procedure would have required surgery since it was the only way to remedy this condition.

However, many patients are concerned about undergoing surgical treatments. Fortunately, many aesthetic clinics in Singapore now provide a non-invasive option. Agnes RG technology uses modern medical cosmetic technology to successfully elevate drooping eyelid skin by generating micro-wounds on the skin using RF microneedles. It increases collagen synthesis and remodeling after each session, helping the eyelids to lift, tighten, and regain your skin’s radiance.

To efficiently lift your eyelids and remove droopy skin, we employ an innovative Korean rf micro-insulated needle technique known as AGNES. Cosmetic doctors use an innovative handheld device to gently penetrate your skin at precise, regulated up to 3mm of depths. The needles transmit radio frequency and heat waves to the skin, stimulating collagen synthesis and remodeling.

How Does AGNES RF Work?

The 30-minute upper eyelid lifting procedure starts with numbing lotion and local anesthesia being applied around your eyes.

Afterward, the cosmetic doctor inserts the handpiece featuring sterilized micro-needles into your eyelid to transmit RF waves.

Then, they would provide post-treatment care to decrease the slight redness and swelling you might notice shortly following the procedure.

What Can You Expect from the Treatment?

Before the AGNES RF upper eyelid lifting, a numbing lotion would be administered around the treatment region, followed by anesthetic shots.

It would progressively penetrate into the skin at regulated depths with the use of a hand-held device equipped with a needle that generates RF and heat. As a result, fat is melted and collagen formation is stimulated.

Following the procedure, cool gel packs would be used on the region to calm your skin, which might feel sensitive and tender. Although it is recommended to wait up to 2 months for the optimum effects, some people might see changes in as short as the first 2 weeks.

How Long Will The Side Effects Last?

There might be some slight redness and swelling. It might last for three to four days. Minimize your social commitments and try to relax at home.

How Long Will The Results Last?

The best results are generally noticed approximately four weeks following the upper eyelid lifting procedure. The effect might endure for up to two years. Nonetheless, we recommend repeating the treatment between 12-18 months for longer-lasting outcomes.

Benefits of AGNES RF for Upper Eyelid Lifting

·       Achieve noticeable lifting of sagging eyelids

·       Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.

·       Restore your young, bright, and taut skin around your eyes.