When To Start Weaning Your Baby And What To Feed Them.

Having a new baby is amazing but everyone knows it isn’t easy. Starting to wean a baby onto solid foods can definitely be one of those challenging moments and also scary. Parents are always scared of giving their child something they can’t have yet or whether they will choke on some food. This article will help to find ways to give babies the best nutritious foods that are perfect for weaning, so it’s best to start looking at weaning bibs because this is going to get messy!

When Is It Time To Start Weaning My Baby?

First it’s best to contact the child’s pediatrician to see whether the baby is ready for weaning. Many pediatricians look out for a range of different signs which parents can look out for. If a baby shows the following signs and the pediatrician says it’s okay, then parents should start to wean their child off formula or breast milk and swap to solid foods.

  1. The baby is wanting feeding more regularly
  1. The baby has doubled its birth weight
  1. The baby is interested in the solid foods you are eating
  1. The baby puts their hands and toys in their mouth regularly
  1. The baby opens its

The ‘Plus-Size’ Label: Is It a Celebration or Discrimination?

The last several years have witnessed a cultural shift in both the world of advertising and that of fashion. Today, modelling is no longer only for tall, waif-like models or even of images edited to unrealistic and ridiculous proportions. Instead, we are currently seeing real women, of all sizes and shapes. Still, there’s a demographic that’s currently celebrated more than any other, which is plus-size women.

While the debate still rages on regarding what actually constitutes plus size – for some retailers it is as small as size 16 while for the majority it is size 18+ – there’s clearly no doubt that plus size is a label taking the fashion world by storm. Considering the fact that the average size of women in the United Kingdom is currently about 16, it is about time.

Plus-Size in Fashion

Typically, popular culture trickles from the top down. So, it is great that young people get to see the likes of plus-size models such as Tess Holiday and Ashley Graham grace the runway and taking the plus-size message to the public. However, is it just a celebration, or has the label ‘plus size’ actually been viewed as discriminatory by some?

The truth …